Emotions, at a afternoon in the museum

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Emotions, at a afternoon in the museum | story.one

I am really in love with old paintings and statues...

So, when I go to the musem this is how I behave:

I dont start at the "beginning" of the exhibition but mostly at the end or try to find a way into the middle. Than I let my intuition guide me.

I dont look at all the paintings. Although I give everyone a chance. But there are sertain pieces which attract my attentios more than others.

I am taking my time with every picture. I let it completly into my beeing and feel it. Feel the situiation and the emotions of the personalitys in it, feel the environment they are in ... the lightning, the wind, the flavors ... , feel the painters emotions and see him work.

When I look at statues they are alive to me. I can see them breathe and move. Most of the times I go very close to look at the material and walk arround it a couple times. To me, statues are a lot of times, manifested archetypes of humans and other beeings.

Today I was almost at the exit and looked just for a second to the left where the beginning of the exhibition was. And what I saw made me immediately turn around and walk straight and pretty fast all the way through 3 big rooms right to this beautiful young woman with fairy wings. It was a magnetic pull which I could not resist and looking at her made me feel so many gentle feelings for myself that I recognized myself in her ... like in some of the old paintings I can feel a part of my ... this wild spirit that some woman have.

There was also one painting that spoke to me. She was the first work I was looking at. A young woman with big brown eyes and brown hair, looked right into my heart. The painting was pretty rough and did not had many details. She was standing at a desk and was ironing a white lace curtain. The focus was on her open and honest face. It was so clear that I thought I could walk through that cloud and talk to her. But she talked to me. She said:

" Every little thing you do is important. When you are fascinated by beauty that comes with silence and grace, then there must be the same qualitys inside of you, too. Nothing touches you without beeing a part of you. "

And than there was the 3rd artist who hit me hard. Gustav Klimt. His pictures showed me, that art is not perfect. It is a reflection, melted with fantasy and emotions which are coming out of the artist. Many different energys are coming together when you create. And you thrive while you do it. Art is peace. The other stuff is brought by the human.

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