Guardian Angel & the Wormhole

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Guardian Angel & the Wormhole |

I am a saint, he says to me.

I am Just like his parents, like a sister to him, he says.

Pure innocence in the Body of a "grown Woman", he says to me.

With the Crystal that I gave him, I gave him my heart, he says to me.

Many, many Things he is saying to me. Like a waterfall the words are flowong out of his mouth …. and he repeats the same phrases like a Mantra … with his high & pushy voice.

How good I am, he is telling me and he wants me to get to know Jesus, he says to me. Because good hearts like mine are very rare, he says to me. Pure hearts like the ones of saints & prophets, he says. And I ask myself, how can anyone knows what is inside the heart of someone else...someone you dont know ?

He is going to help me, he says. He will give me what ever I ask for … whatever I want, he says to me. But I have to take him as he is, he says. He is just human, "just" a man …. he says….but he is also my Guardian angel and just like the prophets …. he cant do no harm to me …. he says.

I am so Beautiful, hey says ….. so pure and Beautiful just like a child …. but I am a "grown Woman" now, he says. He takes me in his arms …. he wants to hug me …. wants to be Held by me ….. he cant let go of me. He will save me, he will teach me …. he says. Because my negative thoughts destroying me …. they are dangerous … I Need to trust him, he says.

I am holy, he says.

But still he wants to hold me, to touch me, to kiss me …. even if I dont feel like doing this with him …. with a stranger.

He wants to get a taste of my timeless Beauty …. of my pure Energy. Wants a Kind of love he didnt DO ANYTHING for …. but SAYING Things … again & again like a Mantra.

I fell into a wormwhole, but I got out of it.

With a couple lessons learned.

1. Time is a flexible fabric in reality, which is directly connected to our emotions.

2. No comfort in the world, is worth of giving away my independency

3. My strength is my strong will, MY wisdom and my unique perspective & Interpretation of life


EVERY Situation which is causing emotions, is a possibility to learn About yourself.

© Maela_Mononoke