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There is magic in beeing human.

And there are traps.

Why are we here in this great chaos?

I was born in 1991 and since then, our society and our planet have changed dramatically and in a weird way which is hard to describe.

There is important information which was hidden and suppressed from us.

Maybe you have heard this before or maybe you hear it for the first time. But the universe will find its way so my purpose is just to share what I have found becoming some of my truths.

We do not die.

We live in a multidimensional universe which is more magical and advanced than any of our books could tell. It is an endless creation. And we are a part of it.

I personaly interact with this universe. I live with and through my soul and I like to be a human today. I can see and feel many layers of reality which are sometimes weird, beautiful, sad, brutal and many other things.

But my main focus, when I study outside of myself, lies on the emotions of human beeings and how their enviorment affects them and ultimatly me also.

If we want to survive we need to become more spiritual. And especially in our privat lifes.

Which means to deal with our shit.

Yes, I mean to not bullshit us anymore and the people around us but to

grow up and take responsibility for our lives and our wounds. It is the most important to become honest to our selfes and start to then apply that in our interaction with eatchother and the planet.

If you dont feel like you can do it. You can. If you dont feel responsible. Your are.

You are a precious soul and a evolving human beeing. If you want to. Because your will counts. I mean I know, almost everything around us tells us something else. But we have to get back to our hearts. We need to observe our thoughts and not let them hurt us anymore.

Every moment counts. Every trigger counts. So if you dont make the one moment you will always get another. You will always get another chance to change something inside of you. To not longer damage you but to serve you in your highest good.

I know it is pretty hard down here. I feel the suffering everyday.

But this place is unique. And we need to start to take care of it.

And of us.

Walk this earth like you have a special gift and power that nobody knows about so you are safe.

But you will feel it and spread that into the world.

Because you have it.

These are my truths.

© Maela_Mononoke