The Elders

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The Elders |

Sometimes I feel like I am living in a time bubble. Where I seem to be almost the only one around feeling a deep deep connection to the ages of time before my birth. I often feel more disconnected with the present and way more touched by the past. The most confident and home I feel in nature and old structures like the ruins of greek temples. I miss hearing birds and the wind going trough the trees when I wake up in the morning. I miss having a ritual routine to start and finish my days like meditation on an old rock or taking a morning bath in a cold river. I miss walking around with no shoes on. I miss the smell of sweet flowers and the sounds of bumble bees flying around, doing stuff that humans consider "impossible". I miss choping up vegetables, making a fire and telling stories, singing songs and listening to the universe with my folks. I miss talking to the young ones and telling them about the magic and the tragic of life. I can literally smell the inscence see my arms and hands moving and expressing to emotions I want to share.

I miss beeing an Elder.

But I am also beeing it right now. I am at all of these places but also very aware of the world that currently surrounds me. If I sit in the underground I feel the people around me, I feel their current state of beeing. But I am also simultaneously looking and feeling into other realitys or dimensions.

It helps staying sane and harmonous and is just a natural thing to do for me.

In every moment of my life, it is my decision how I want to experience what I experience. Of course it is a choice within a set up of things but it still is and ultimately will always be my freedom of choice, how I want to interpret and therefore experience life.

My emotional range is very big as of all human beeings and I am embracing this kind of energy very much. I dove so deeply into myself that now feeling emotions is like creating a painting. I use the set of colours and materials, given by the situation I am experiencing and can co-create with life.

The Elders are amongst us.

The old ones came back.

They will not look like you where expecting them,

But you will recognize them by their breathing, by the loveand kindness in their eyes and by the present and intense energy these people radiate .... even if their just looking like their in their minds.

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