... does the perfect job exist?

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... does the perfect job exist? | story.one

When I thought about the "perfect" job I always dreamed of travelling, meeting new people, languages, do something meaningful, and yes of course also about getting well paid and being able to afford a lot of things.

I went to high school and did tourism studies as this seemed the perfect choice to go travelling and meet new people, learn new languages, visit new countries, learn about new cultures, get different perspectives and yes it was definitly the "perfect" job for me for over 7 years.

I have worked in USA (Los Angeles), UK (St. Helier, Channel Islands) IRELAND (Dublin), SWITZERLAND (Gstaad), ITALY (Rome), FRANCE (Cannes) and am so grateful and thankful for that WONDERful experience(s) and yes also lets call it BAD experiences that made me change my way of life, that gave me an opportunity to think about myself and that let me become the person I am today.

I speak german, english, italian and french - so far. I will eventually learn spanish (as my boyfriend is half mexican) and currently I am in Maputo (Mozambique) where the official language is portuguese! So I could not be more grateful to get an opportunity like this!

Looking back on my work Life -so far all my wishes, my dreams for the "perfect" job came true - even though sometimes it took them sometime to appear :-).

The only thing though what was always missing, was the meaningful purpose. Always been in that so called "hamster wheel" and worked my ass of for others - no gratitude, no appreciation only pressure and always more and more, it was just never enough! Until I suffered from depression, and sleeping disorders.

It suddenly hit me when my cousin (at the age of 31!) choose to end his life - it struck me hard and I thought NO ALEX, this cant be it! YOU dont want that for yourself and so I started thinking again.

Asking myself: WHAT is it, that I really want in Life? WHAT makes me happy?

I believe that for everyone of us the "perfect" job is different. Working for an NGO is still "perfect" for my boyfriend even though it's so tough sometimes. I believe that each job is "perfect" if you find the meaningful purpose.

So after all the experiences I have had, with a lot of different jobs in my Life YES the "perfect" job came into my LIFE 4 years ago :-). Something I really never thought I would be doing, but it just makes me so happy, when I can help others to live their life to the fullest way possible, to support, to appreciate them, to help them believe in their dreams and yes to leave a green foot print behind, together.

... and I got to take it with me to Mozambique ... How can it get any better than this?

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