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Pascal |

At birth, a long time ago, they had left him in front of the doors of an orphanage, where so many children are left without a past of their own. They do not have roots, do not know their ancestors, they live another life, a stranger´s life. And they lack the memory of who brought them into the world.

Pascal was lucky not to stay in the orphanage for long, he was soon adopted and very well raised by a kind and wealthy family. He played with the best toys and he wore the best clothes and after a while he even got a little sister, a beautiful girl with big brown eyes who was fond of him and whom he adored.

He attended the best schools and had the best teachers, and he had a wonderful nanny who showered him with all her love; she taught him to smile, to enjoy the wonders of the world and all the pleasures of his life. So he grew up and became a man, he went to university and thanked his adoptive parents by earning grades and merits. Silently he thanked his beautiful nanny for the years she had spent with him; for all the caresses received when he was little, and when her eyes were sad, he managed to re-light them and bring back the smile to her lips.

However, deep inside Pascal felt a curious emptiness; he never understood why his mother had left him in front of that orphanage. He imagined that it must have been a day of storm and rain that hit the great doors, only the cry of the wind to be heard, and the drumming sound of heavy raindrops hitting the roof.

Tirelessly, ever since he had became a man, he searched, investigated the who and whereabouts of that unknown woman, who might have kept a lot of love for him; he looked into the faces of many women who crossed his paths, he hoped to recognize a smile, a look that would tell him: here! This is your mother! He always harbored the hope of meeting her one day, and in his mind he had no reproach, he only felt love for her, for having left him in a safe place so that he could grow up and live a good life, safe, happy and protected.

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