Never give up

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Never give up |

As soon as I finished my high school, I told my parents that they don’t need to worry about my expenses from now. I will manage to studies as well as my expenses on my own. I didn’t had to prove them anything but my motto was to make them proud of me in one way or the other. I had targets of getting a job as soon as I finish my studies and contribute to my family financially.

With a lot of dreams in my eyes for a bright future, I started applying for courses with scholarships together with some jobs in my field of interest. But due to some financial as well as medical problems resulted me to face rejection many times. But I didn’t give up. I kept on trying for applying more and more internships and courses, but was turned down every time. After trying a lot, I gave up on my dream and ambition. I made the decision to choose another field so I don’t waste my time. Because all I wanted was to finish my studies as soon as possible so I can focus on doing something on my own. After a lot of discussion with friends and family, a family member suggested to study tourism. So, I chose to study tourism and started my degree.

On the other hand, I was still applying for lots of jobs. But sadly even there I was denied due to reasons like being too young and because I wanted to study along as well. While all my other friends were getting good jobs, I was just working in a company at a low level job with a low salary. Situation was getting tough as I had to ask for money from my parents because my salary was not enough for my studies and accommodation. And it was tough phase for my family as they weren't financially stable due to low income and they had to spend for my other siblings as well. People started making fun of me by saying things like,“you cant do anything”, “ what will you do in your life ? You are still living on your parents money while others your age are standing on their own feet”. I used to call my parents and cry because I lost hope. But the only thing that kept me motivated were my parents. They always tell me that they are always proud of me and no matter you have a job or not, you would still be our loving son. They believe that things are going to change and they understood that I am trying my best.

After trying for 6 months and being rejected in all jobs and I gave up for my future. At last I got a call from the Ministry of Tourism that I got job from there. Ultimately, my fathers words became true. That's how my life changed. I did most of the things I never thought of doing, from diving and travelling to Resorts and Islands of the country. After working for there for 9 months one of my biggest dream of travelling to abroad came true.

Today I am here in Europe studying under scholarship. So far, I have travelled to 8 different countries. Moreover, the parents of the people who made fun of me earlier take me as an example today. And I thank God for the biggest gift of my life which is such a loving and supporting parents and family without whom I wouldn't have done this all in my life.

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