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Just some words

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Just some words |

Just some words…I told myself.

They are spinning in my head. What a migraine headache, I tell you.

La la lllaaa. A song keeps me company. It goes on and on. La lla aaalllaa.

Life Death Life Death Life Death Life Death Life.

It starts with LIFE, and the end is also just a new LIFE.

Please tell me. Why are stars above our heads? Where are they coming from?

Some humans will end up as a star. A lightning star. Or a shooting star?

Can you tell me where my rabbit is? Is there a star in this eternity….. that my rabbit represents?

There a million. No billion. No more than that. More stars and suns and and and planets. Even universals.

Can you tell me where my future is? Where is my childhood? Where did it go?

Everything faded. Too fast. Like a blink of an eye.

Everything changed.

Where did the star go? One day I will be watching from the midnight sky.

I will keep an eye on the same child, perhaps my own child. The child who will watch the sky as I did.

We will keep eye contact without noticing it.

Perhaps the kid will employ words as I do. We would both send each other messages in the dark.

The dark with eternal lighting points. I will be part of it.

One in millions and millions of stars. The living-stars of countless millions in the midnight blue.

There, look, is a shooting star. In heaven.

© 2019 2021-08-17

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