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We are all human beings and trying our very best to be perfect. But we can't be perfect and so we all push ourselves to our Maker (Allah ). We are all sinners and heading into the life of the duynah (World), which we think is much better than our Lord. You could lose a job, lose a life, lose loved ones. Be frustrated and forget we are all in this duynah as a test from the Almighty Allah (God). Wake up and say Subhana-Allah (Glory be to God our maker), ALHAMDULILLAH (Praise be to God), Masha-Allah (God willing), Allahu-akbar (God is great). It eases your pain, takes that stress away, brings you closer to Allah. Take a look at the birds, the animals, how they live, how they sustain themselves in their daily life. Don't doubt the goodness of Allah, it is all we need and seek for, ALHAMDULILLAH (praise bd to God), Subhana-Allah (Glory be to God our maker). Don't jump on the head of a gun. ALHAMDULILLAH. Keep believing in Allah, keep pushing. Allah is ready to make all things possible for all those who believe in him.

Β© Abdulrahman Nabieu 2023-03-13


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