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Until my heart Respects

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Our way is not easy. We burn bright, we discover our limits. You show me the stars, I show you responsibility. I make us home, you make me patient. We find ourselves after finding another. We learn, we grow, we fight. But not with each other, but against the problem. Because you hide more from your soul than you want to tell. You need me to listen. So I do. Because I am so used to drama, I cannot relax. I need you to put my feet on the ground. So you do. Our way is not easy. It is hard sometimes. But we accept all the flaws, all the time it needs and learn to meet each other with respect. We love and we lose. But we always find something new while we commit to each other, while being a team. Even when we can’t stand each other on days. Your smile in the morning is the sunshine to wake me up and want to discover the world. With you, you by my side. Sunshine I do not have to chase, because you are always there. We teach each other, we guide each other. With help, with support. And when nothing works, we sit there in silence, holding each other. Waiting for the storm to pass. Because we know, we always know, that as long as we have each other, as long as I choose you and you choose me, we will conquer this world. Together we are strong. Together we can forget and forgive all the trauma we went through. Together we can mend the wounds into only scars that we learn to carry with pride, since we survived. And we are still trying. Trying to be the best for one another. Trying to be the best for ourselves. Trying step by step. Till we can accept our past. That is us. Trying. We learn, we grow, we fight. But not with each other, but for our love. I have never felt so safe, so at peace, so at home. Your arms are not making my world smaller. No, they are supporting me to stretch the horizon as far as I can. And when I do, and come back to tell you from different universes and fairytale stories, your sunshine smile already awaits me with the sparkle of arctic stars in your blue eyes in which I could drown and find even more than my own soul. I could look at you for eons, till time stops and everything loses importance. Your voice is my lullaby, your hands in my hair the best feeling this world has to offer. I would have never imagined to love someone so fully as I love you, from top to bottom, from darkness to your brightest light. And to be loved back in a way that is so open, so raw, so beautifully honest. Binding myself to you is the most freeing thing I have ever done, because you would give your everything for me, and I for you. No conditions, no favors. And even though our way is not easy, there is just love. You bring back wonders, sunshine and the grace of being. You show me all the colors life has to offer. With you, I never have to try harder, to earn a place by your side. You welcome me with open arms every second of the day. With you, I am interested, outgoing and curious again. I am happy. And no matter what was before, I am sure, I did not experience such love,

Until my heart had found yours, as they would have already known each other forever.

© Alexa_Sara 2022-08-27


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