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Green Therapy

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The old VW campervan pulled up into the woodland car park. The waiting group already guessed that their instructor had arrived, just as she jumped out and dramatically announced, “Hello ladies, I’m pleased to meet you all, I am!

Eleanor was first to step forward to introduce herself. Next was Jude, followed by Anna. The three ladies, guessing they were all fellow group participants, had spoken to each other prior to the flamboyant debut of Yolanda, who sported a floral headband, kaftan and orange sun shades.

“Ladies, how are we? I hope you are excited and almost ready to get started! Firstly, I want to find a quiet spot where we can cluster before our ecological experience begins. I want you to take a life-changing journey into the woods that will recalibrate your natural energy fields and reconnect you to planet earth. I need you to make a commitment to Mother Nature that you will unlock the power of trees and appreciate the sanctity of this sacred space. No devices are allowed in order that you can fully enjoy the sensory elements of the forest. You will remain as quiet as possible, unless I ask you to speak. You will all slow right down, take long breaths into the abdomen. You will stop, stand and sniff”.

“We will progress through the woods, observing every small detail that nature has to share with us. Do you all wish to continue?” Yolanda enquired.

In unison, they replied with a resounding, “Yes”.

“Wonderful,” she replied.

She led them onwards, adopting t’ai chi style moves. The party listened to murmurings of the wind and bird calls. The woodland floor was made springy by mossy foliage and dried pine needles. The occasional noise of a snapping of twig was sharply heard.

“This is where we can truly relax. Trees can turn negative energy into positive energy. Let us rest for a few moments in preparation for the most meaningful act of the day, where you will all hug a tree! This will increase your levels of oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine to produce a natural high, a feeling of happiness and bonding. I want you to select your tree: take your time to find the right one to build a relationship with, whether it be a fat beech tree or a slim horse chestnut. Material objects cannot bring us true contentment and we must seek to find happiness within ourselves. This is your chance to truly reconnect with our earth. Now, please, select your tree and hug it! Think of that vast network of communicating roots beneath you; those roots are talking to each other, sharing water and nutrients. Breathe slowly and deeply, tap into the energy vibe. We will now silently honour our trees!” Yolanda had almost induced her own trance-like state.

Refreshed now, Yolanda calmly brought the session to a close. "Keep your experiences private. Let us conclude this session by standing up and shouting, Say it once and say it loud, I'm a tree hugger and I’m proud!” and with that she jumped back in her campervan and disappeared through the clearing.

Hug a tree today, you might like it!

© Angela Craddock 2021-07-29


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