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Me to You

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Me to You |

You are embarking on a nursing career in unprecedented times, a one which will shape and define you , frighten and enlighten you. There will be challenges along the way as an inexperienced nurse. With perseverance you will get through this. At times you may feel unable to go on, especially if you are struggling with personal demons, but you will go on. If you are ever unsure of what to do, simply follow your moral compass which will guide you towards the right thing. Trust your gut instinct to stay on the straight and narrow ; it will never let you down.

Always understand it is a privilege to be an advocate for patients who are weak or lacking capacity. You must show empathy to your patient and their relatives, ensuring comfort needs are met and pain relief is administered on time.

You will feel joy as your patient recovers and great sadness when nothing else can be done for them. Ensuring peace, privacy and dignity in their final hours is what you must achieve to the best of your ability. Special touches of kindness and compassion will never be forgotten by grateful relatives. Knowing how to break bad news sensitively is a skill which you will learn from those with a wealth of experience. This is the bittersweet part of being a nurse and you will learn to manage your emotions and not make every drama your own. You may be reduced to tears and this is only natural in empaths who feel the pain of others.

You will read body language, learning when and how to intervene and when to stand aside. Sometimes you must remember to put yourself first and this is not a trait that comes easily to most of us! You will need to wear protective equipment correctly, to shield you from the droplets of coughs and sneezes. Wearing gloves, gowns, masks and visors for long periods at a time will be tiring and very uncomfortable. Your patient will be frightened and unable to see your reassuring smile, so your eyes will convey this instead.

Try to prepare for the unexpected in order to keep yourself safe. Remain as hydrated as you possibly can and rest when you are able. Find joy in doing the things you love with family and friends whenever you are free and able. This will help to restore you both physically and mentally. You appreciate just how precious the gift of life is and how quickly a state of wellness can turn to illness.

Some colleagues will be incredibly supportive and may become lifelong friends who stand by you through your highs and lows. Others who you may think of as friends can let you down and try to extinguish your light so that they appear to shine more brightly. Do not allow yourself to be bullied into being unkind or to do less than is required. Watch out for those whose toxic words and actions can easily cause destruction within the workforce.

Lastly, learn to be resilient. The reward for helping others is an immeasurable feeling that keeps on growing in your heart and mind. I hope this will prepare you for what lies ahead and help you to be the very best nurse you can.

Written with faith and love.

© Angela Craddock 2021-07-27


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