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Wildlife 4

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Sister Marsha is the god-daughter of Hecate. Having no one else to turn to in relation to her defunct relationship with Matron McNally, she discusses it with Hecate over a dandelion and camomile tea. “I need your help, the managers won’t support me because she is one of them. She is a bully who people won’t stand up to. I don’t know how or why she ever became a nurse. She gets away with being horrible all the time and I’m so fed up because of her. She won’t make me leave my job, though”. Wise Hecate understands that such people exist only to make the lives of others a misery. She also knows exactly who Matron McNally is, as she is her ‘next door but one’ neighbour. Hecate heard her shooing away the wildlife from her garden and had recently thrown stones at Mr Truffle who had reported her heinous act. Something had to be done. The planning process swung into action. Hecate pulls on her green velvet gown which is only worn at special times in the calendar, the Solstices and Equinoxes. It is a full-length hooded garment embroidered with bees, ferns and wildlife friends. Leaving her hair free she puts on the headdress made only from nature’s wares. She collected rowan, hawthorn, birch and roses and lovingly fashioned the crown. On wearing it she feels harmony and magic flowing through her from top to toe. She reminds herself that whatever energy a person puts into the world, be it positive or negative, will be returned to that person three times over. She feels spiritually authorised to call upon her healing powers. Next, she prepares an altar, placing a white cloth on a wide shelf. A torch is lit at either side, a candle positioned in the middle. Ornamental likenesses of Merle, Flareon and Mr Truffles are set in front of the candle. She has made a spell jar containing lavender oil, garlic cloves, Himalayan salt, amber and turmeric. On a mini scroll is written a secret spell which cannot be shared. Sage incense burns; its function is to clear any negative energy.

In the woods Mr Truffle’s nose twitches, Flareon’s tail switches, Merle ruffles his feathers: their presence has been requested and it’s time to go. On the decked area Hecate briefs them, for some work needs to be done as a team, summoning all of their powers of creativity and intuition. They are going on a special mission to Matron McNasty’s garden where they have special tasks to perform. Merle is going to fly over to make sure she isn’t presently sitting there. Most summer nights when the weather is warm she has partaken of a glass or two of wine outside. This will be of importance later, but for now they need to know if the coast is clear. Once given the squawk, Flareon will walk along her fence, jump into her garden and leave a charm bag concealed beneath a bush. This does not contain anything harmful, it is filled with acorns, herbs and crystals which are magically charged. Hecate places the drawstring of the bag between his teeth, knowing that he can comfortably transport it there.

© Angela Craddock 2021-08-30


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