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Wildlife 5

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A special preparation of cinnamon, cayenne pepper and rosemary has to be sprinkled around the doors and windows to help draw out negative energies. Mr Truffles is going to squeeze under the fence and be helped by Merle to scatter the contents of a little muslin bag. The rest of the work will be carried out solely by Merle over the next few evenings. This will involve the carriage of small vials of calming, endorphin-producing powder which will infuse, unnoticed, into Matron McNasty’s wine. There will be nightly spell incantations and candle ceremonies to encourage the flow of positive energies. Very gradually the hospital staff began to notice a very slight change in Matron McNally’s demeanour. She has been proffering the odd smile here and there and is not scowling and barking at people as she once did. She offered to lend a useful book to one of her colleagues and swapped a shift just to be helpful. On her way home from work she stopped to give a colleague a lift. This generated great interest among the nurses who noted these subtle changes. Matron McNally began to feel good, she was sleeping very well and was newly energised. With each positive act came an enhanced feeling of contentment she had never experienced before.

Marsha tells Hecate that her life is so much better now. She explains that Matron McNally has become quite pleasant. She has even apologised for all that happened in the past, acknowledging she had not been a nice person. Matron McNally was accepting a new job at a neighbouring hospital and looking forward to a fresh start. “All I wanted was for her to be civil ”, Marsha stated. "I didn’t need her to leave. Did you cast the wrong spell or one that was too powerful? she asked. Hecate laughed, “No my dear, the spell worked perfectly and was exactly as I intended. I didn’t drive her away, I unblocked her energy channels. When she discovered inner happiness she was able to take charge of her destiny. I always use my gift carefully, channelling and aligning my positive chakra into healing. Sometimes you may not feel the love that surrounds you or that miracles can happen. Cherish those you love, both people and animals. Open your mind to things that are not tangible or orthodox and you may find that the magic flows through you.

© Angela Craddock 2021-08-30


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