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Psoriasis & a prenup 1 (1/17)

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Psoriasis & a prenup 1 (1/17) |

Harald Meilhoffer's year didn't start very well. Although had gotten away with a black eye. Although he was ashamed of the circumstance that he hadn't wanted to see the truth and had ignored his best friend's advice. The calamity took its course about two years ago when he had first met his former fiancee on a shopping night in Waidhofen. She lived in Vienna for studying and had visited friends who lived nearby.

In the town of Waidhofen it is well known that he is the owner of quite a large amount of land. And so also knew Bianca's friends. They also knew that with time he had gotten suspicious. He had always been insecure whether a woman wanted him or his money, so he barely went out in Waidhofen or its neighborhood. He had gotten tired of hearing “Oh - you're the owner of that company?” with the glimpse of Euros in the eyes of a woman he was about to like. So he preferred to meet women who didn't knew who he was. He couldn't even tell how his friends managed to talk him over going on the shopping night.

He would never have thought that this would be the evening when he met the woman he wanted to marry. It seemed too good to be true that she didn't seem to know anything about him. But for the moment he threw away all of his doubts and dared to fall head over heels in love. As time went by, he found himself in a wonderful relationship with a woman who always ensured him that she loved him for who he was and not what he owned. And that she only wanted to be entered on the land register to have financial security for their future children if something should happen to him. That didn't seem to be far-fetched for him because they had talked about getting children many times.

Nevertheless, there had been this subtle but lasting sting. Like you cut yourself with a piece of paper. It doesn't make a big wound at first, but if it is ignored, the wound may inflame. And afterwards you have a bigger wound to be healed again.

He had never told his parents about his thoughts about putting her on the land register. Maybe because he knew deep inside this hadn't been his worst idea. That's where we get to the sting. The subtle sting of truth does no good to the romantic balloon of thoughts of how somebody wishes something to be.

Harald had only told his best friend Daniel about his plans. And he had been much less subtle than Harald's inner voice he didn't want to listen to. Although he knew his best friend's trait to express views in a forthright manner, he was a bit surprised, and also hurt, when he asked him whether he had gone nuts. The moment Harald got home after talking to his best friend, he coincidentally listened to the phonecall.

As soon as he heard her saying: “You know how much he trusts me. When I've entered the land register I'll find some reason to get divorced again", he felt time freeze. Once he was able to speak again, he immediately told her to leave.

At the moment the door fell shut, he could his heart breaking apart.

© Angela Ecker 2022-10-07


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