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Finding purpose

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Finding purpose |

I wish you could just go to the grocery store, scan through the isles and find a tiny package of “purpose”.

It would be so easy, especially when you are completely stuck in life.

Sometimes we come to this point where we just stand still, we don’t know where to go and then we ball up on the floor, crying and asking for anything good to happen to us.

We pray and see no end to our pain and suffering, then we focus on things that could save us, but even those go wrong and we are left in a pile of shattered, barely born dreams.

All of that sounds incredibly sad, so wouldn’t it be easier, to just go to the register with that package of “purpose”, pay for it, open it at home and then immediately feel better again?

That little box, adorned in bright colors, with an unbeatable slogan on the front…

Who knows how many people would stand in line for that.

I certainly would.

© AngelicaJenkins 2023-01-15


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