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12 things i learned in 2022

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1. friendship that breaks over the first problem encountered has never been a real one

2. asking for help is a major sign of strength

3. keeping everything inside results in unhealthy coping mechanisms

4. forgiving people doesn’t mean you have to let them come back into your life

5. the bond of a connection between two people isn’t always determined by the amount of time spent together

6. to realise that someone else believes in you is one of the most precious gifts one can be offered to

7. hollywood is a lie

8. having different standards than most people in our society doesn’t make yours less valid

9. just because several people left you, you shouldn’t think that everyone will

10. don’t let your own worth be determined by other people’s presence in your life

11. some people are truly kind at bottom and not because they want to use you in some way

12. you should never feel guilty for being honest and saying what is on your mind

© Anna Portmann 2023-01-03


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