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i hope you find somebody

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after celine walde

i hope you find someone who makes you smile / someone who is checking in on you throughout the day / just to make sure that you are doing alright / and that you got through the weekly board meeting / you always fear so much / someone who sends you silly gifs and memes / that reminded them of you / and from which you both know / that even though these messages seem meaningless to others / they are anything but that / someone who doesn’t want to leave you in the morning / holding on to the moment by giving you lots of hugs and kisses / someone who sometimes takes detours / to grab your favourite pastry / and later offers it to you with a smile / that makes your heart beat a little faster / leaving you wondering / why you haven’t met this person earlier / someone who is not afraid to grow / and grow with you / even in seasons where there is no rain / and where you will have to plow the ground on your own / someone who you have inside jokes with / making you laugh so hard / that the waiter will punish you with an irritated look / and the other restaurant guests will silently envy the two of you / for what you are living together / someone who takes your hand / when it is cold outside / and who draws your attention to all the little things that you never noticed about yourself / the way you blink several times / when you are tired / the way you hold your wine glass / and always double-check the door / before closing it carefully behind you / someone who holds you / when you are sad or angry / someone with whom silence feels comfortable / and who accepts every single part of you / someone who makes you feel validated / accepted / and worthy of love / because that is what you deserve / someone who wants to hear all about your day / even if you only spent it on sleeping / someone who travels the world with you on some days / and the neighbourhood on others / someone who lies beside you every night / looking at your face / telling you that you are beautiful / someone who gives you space / whenever you need it / someone who makes time for you / because time is the most precious gift one has to offer / someone who you want to share your songs and secrets with / and listen to theirs too / i hope you find someone / whose eyes might as well be able to shine on its own / but that are reflecting a part of yours / starting to sparkle / whenever you look into theirs

© Anna Portmann 2023-01-03


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