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not scared of change

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after sophie pecora - «not scared of change»

my mind has been acting so strange

it feels like it is augmenting its range

whilst despairingly trying to arrange

everything that is destined to change

i feel like all i will ever do is drain

in my routine which is pretty lame

i don’t want to go completely insane

but what if it will always stay a game?

the best days are yet to come right

and for now i may as well just write

in my little journal notebook by night

about everything refraining the light

i definitely don’t mean to be greedy

not to mention ungrateful and needy

but how do we take care of the seedy

who solely desire for change speedy?

good things are coming over my way

and i still imagine that possibly today

i might find something making me say

this is the place in which i wish to stay

© Anna Portmann 2023-01-03


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