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spotify says i am a nomad

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spotify says i am a nomad / and i think that this platform is probably right / nomad is just an euphemism / describing a person who fits in nowhere / neither in a certain music category / nor in life in general / and considering that / i must be the ceo of all nomads / or at least getting promoted soon / my music library is the fingerprint of my living / which has never been particularly stable / although i haven’t found out yet how to jump in time / i would say that most of my songs are connected / to a certain event in the past / and this year’s musical retrospection was no exception / it made me think of a film quote i once read / it said that you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their playlist / and as weird as that may sound / this is something i can relate to a lot / music has become some kind of friend to me / someone who dances with me / when i need a release / for all the positive emotions / that i just can’t hold back anymore / someone who cries with me / when i need a release / for all the negative emotions / that i have been bottling up for too long / someone who i can turn to / when i have messed up things again / although i promised myself not to / and someone who helps me / when i am stuck in situations / that make me type sad music twice a day / 125 946 minutes / is the amount of time i spent on listening to music in 2022 / 125 946 minutes / 2 099,1 hours / 87, 4625 days / 12,4946429 weeks / approximately 3,12 months / which means about a quarter of the year / was spent on my friend music / the year 2023 has just begun / but i am already left wondering / why most people don’t trust me enough / to accord me more than two minutes of their time

© Anna Portmann 2023-01-03


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