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the places i want to escape to

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after hazel k.

the stars / the moon / anywhere in between / a faraway planet / where there is no war and no hate / where people don’t hurt each other / my imagination / to forget reality / or create a better one in my mind / an island in the sea / the smell of the ocean / salt in the clothes / and wind playing with my hair / the sea itself / where coral reefs are still alive / and marine life full of hope / anywhere my camera takes me / forgotten places / really dark places / where i can sit outside all night / and look at the milky way / a train on a rainy afternoon / this cozy place in the forest / i found when i was seven / maybe a city / one i have never seen / or one I have / and been in love since then / paris at 5am / venice by midnight /southern spain before sunset / a small village in japan / the mountains / seen from another continent / a coffeeshop in the eastern us / where i can eat cinnamon rolls all day / and think for hours / this candy shop i came upon / when i felt like running away / ukraine before the war / a place where i can see the northern lights from / all these colours / mixing in the sky / anywhere where music is good / this country you told me about / digital worlds / where i sometimes connect better / than in real life / platform 9 ¾ / the world of books / maybe back in time / forty years or so / just to dress and live differently / to the moment / when a stranger ran after me / just to tell me i looked beautiful / or the day when i travelled on my own / and met someone / who described me as brave / even though i have never seen me that way / to a time / when i only thought about the present / and didn’t get caught up in overthinking / too often / to moments when people made me smile / in a way that made me want to preserve / their words in little boxes / just to hold on to them a little longer / maybe the future / and everything it holds / or not

© Anna Portmann 2023-01-03


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