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things that make me sad

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humanity / the way certain people are treated / the ones being responsible for it / war / hate / intolerance / disrespect / being lied to / actually believing the lies / taking it for the truth / even though it isn’t / once again / feeling disappointed / and like i will never fully understand other people’s actions / my own actions / purpose in general / not knowing / anything / about the fate of our planet / nor the one of each individual / the ones that feel / lonely / sad / confused / and everything in between / because nobody is ever truly aware / of what others are going through / they may be losing home / still searching home / associating it with people / who then just leave through the back door / like friends / that have never been friends / or only in my imagination / where i try to relive certain moments / to make them last / keep them close / so close / birthdays / not being remembered by parents of children / who nevertheless hoped they would / wishes / first of january / realising that another year has passed by / without any big chances / but it’s the small ones that count / they say / one day they will accumulate / they say / i wonder if this is another lie invented by society / and its standards / that cannot be changed anyways / or please tell me / they eventually can / look at someone eating lunch alone / in a park full of people / and homeless animal / that once were pets

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