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ticket control

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i was crying on a train / my safe island midst the falling rain / whilst wondering what would eventually remain / and if i will one day gain/ what i always feign / i was crying on a train / trying to sort out my brain / i looked around the compartment hallway / and didn't know where to stay / which is why i began to stray / trying not to think about the day / i was crying on a train / when the ticket inspector came / he looked me in the eyes / but not to socialise / he said your ticket please / and i noticed on his tie little bees / in the form of cheese / that matched his chemise / i was crying on a train / trapped in an invisible chain / i could as well have said / what was going on in my head / and why it was the reason i had fled / just to see where it led / but some things are better left unsaid / i was crying on a train / the inspector talked to me in vain / madam i am afraid you cannot stay here / we have to keep the hallways clear / but there is a seat near / don't you hear? / i was crying on a train / midst the falling rain / the ticket inspector didn't see my pain / i think his name was wayne

© Anna Portmann 2023-01-03


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