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what i wish for in my 20s

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i want to capture the night sky / and make sure i remember / the brightest stars / of each and every constellation / especially when i take long walks / accompanied by the moon / and my neighbour’s cat / to whom i am occasionally talking / as if she understood / everything i am saying / maybe she would like the music / i am going to listen to / the one that will be released / and the one that came out / before i was born / because victor hugo once said / music is a thinking noise / and so i wonder / how am i supposed to see / the whole picture / when i solely focus on the present / although the past is only useful / to create a better future / i do wish for one / including connections and conversations / that go beyond hi and idk / since they help me shift my perspective / see the world differently / i want them to live on in my mind / like a never ending journey / travelling / i will go somewhere / i would go anywhere / to discover new places / and keep them in a part of my mind / that amongst other things hopes / to find a profession / truly fitting me / me / i want to grow / mentally / but also physically / about two centimeters / so that i would be close to the 1,75m / which is approximately needed / to look at any cupboard / without putting a chair beneath my feet / the latter should carry me / towards places / where i can try coffee for the fourth time / even though i am sure / i still won’t like it / i would love to meet people who convince me of this drink / i think / i may have met them already / we could become friends / or something similar / i want me to be happy / and make others happy too / a number doesn’t change anything / they say / but maybe it does / and if so / i will do everything / to turn these years into the best decade / of my life

© Anna Portmann 2023-01-03


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