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i am a walking contradiction / or maybe i am just good at adapting / to new situations / i used to hate change / but i learned that change is the only thing / that washes out the frontiers / of our comfort zones / only to draw its borderlines / at a better place / i like being alone / but i am a little lonely / although i know that there are people / who appreciate me / more than i will ever do / i sometimes wish / someone would take my hand / i would love to hold yours too / i enjoy sunsets / and sunrises / not as much as the moon and the milkyway / under which i have to take long walks / in order to calm the storm / of racing thoughts / inside my head / i sometimes wonder / where the suppressed ones go / and why i cannot delete them like desktop files / if i was a desktop file / would you drag me to the recycle bin as well ? / i am curious about everything / i think i would tell you about all the questions / i only dare to ask search engines / i sometimes dance in my room / until i start crying / then i practise comforting myself / like i would do it with a friend / apparently i am not a good friend / i know by heart / more than half of the songs / that were released in the eighties / but i am still not able / to say what is on my mind right now / i like to make people laugh / most of the time / it is because i mentioned something weird / but i think / the norm sometimes goes out of its way / to secretly cross weirdness / and forget about the direction of traffic / i like honesty / empathy / the thought of destiny / genuine smiles / hugs / small gestures / any food connected to dough / midnight / the smell of rain / and kindness / especially since i realized / that it can save lives / i think i might as well say / i am just an ocean / made of waves / that appear so steady / but are doomed to crash

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