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you are important to me in other words

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take care / send me a message once you got home / call me if you need anything / do you want me to come over / i don’t care about the meeting / let’s fix that first / i want you to be happy / i am here / how are you / i mean how are you really / i brought you one of those chocolate chip muffins / you mentioned the other day / how was your day / nobody should treat you that way / let’s just sit down and talk for a while / i miss you / life is funnier / easier / better / with you / i care / i came upon a picture / that reminded me of our last conversation / and so I thought i would send it to you / i saved you the last slice of pizza / take some rest / did you get enough sleep / did you eat well / you should go and take a week off / maybe two / i feel less lonely / when you are around / who did that to you / let me help you / you are not alone / tell me all about that dream / i am being honest / sincere / me / i think i could listen to your favourite music / even though i don’t even like it in the first place / i am proud of you / you are doing great / thanks for being here / i don’t want you to go / please stay a little longer / i want to understand / your point of view / i know it’s not your birthday yet / but i still wanted to offer you something / i told them about you / i didn’t mean to hurt you / i am sorry / what can i do / to make you feel better / today i walked past this cozy bar / down at the corner / it made me think of you / and the night i laughed so hard / over something you had said / i see you / all the time / and especially when nobody else does / do you remember / i wish you were here / you make me grow / i am a better person / now

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