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Safe her

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“Safe her”.

An echo travelling through nothing. My voice lost strength. A whisper. Unheard. Astray.

Reaching out in pain, but all my hand runs through is a dark mist. Overflowing darkness took over the place where smiles and warmth once reigned.

She sacrifices herself for everyone, and I bleed out. Slowly drifting away, giving, killing and I can just watch helplessly, useless. Tell me who is suffering more?

Even so, I will do what I can, even when it is just the bare minimum. Lose up her shoulders, straighten the wrinkle between her eyes, glances of joy. Nothing permanent.

The taste of luck terrifies her. Running away from good days, because she knows they will turn into nightmares again soon. Shapeshifting in seconds, destroyed for weeks. So used to emptiness that a full heart is too much to bear, she doesn't know what to do when a smile loosens up her tensed lips. Vanishes too quickly, as if it never existed.

Yet she bites the used leather between her teeth. Its familiar taste helps her focus and endure, but falling deeper into doom. Don't get her wrong, scars and injuries speaking, trapped in a fever dream and not herself. I can tell for sure. I knew her when the oceans were quiet, a light breeze stroked grass and flower fields.

Apocalypse bursts into peace. Leaving dead earth and craters of sorrow behind. Nothing new.

Gone away, vanished into the unknown. I can't reach anything, but I swear I will find her. Even piece for piece if necessary. If this is all that is left, shattered into a thousand pieces, I will conquer that destroyed land, searching for every single one. Fighting the shadows, planting new life.

Now I am shouting into this cold void and the burning abyss, screaming her name, praying for mercy. Holding a light that will lead her home, showing the way to me. Endlessly burning flame, our connection unbreakable.

She is somewhere out there, lonely, afraid. How can I embrace you?

No directions, no sense, madness controlling this area. I need a new way and a different plan. Gladly, challenges never scared me. I think when it comes to her, there is nothing I am afraid of.

Even now, she gives me strength, the bravery to overcome and bring us out alive.

So please,


© Anna Vuletic 2022-08-31


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