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Storms eye

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Feeling at ease these days, a levitating feeling, waiting for the next wind that raises me up. Running my fingers through the fluffy clouds, light and soft as my thoughts.

Take my hand and hold it tight. Let me show you the space in between: the storm's eye.

There, where I find peace, even when the world falls into pieces, it doesn't concern me. We're alone, alone up here, no one can stop us from being happy, so let us just fill up with joy. Let's wash the pain away that clenched its fists around our neck, let's flood the halls of sadness, the towers of anxiety. Scream out your lungs and let the tears rain down, we don't care.

Between the worlds, we can be us, no need to pretend. In the middle of the chaos, the eye of the storm. There is peace, no needs no pressure, no “have to”. Spread your arms and fly, absorb every sunbeam, each moment of ecstasy, who knows how long it'll last.

Here right now we're free, up here where no one can find us. Hide with me forever, never let go, the horizon is endless. When the sun decides to go and the moon takes her place, let's continue. Never ending tale, happy endings everywhere.

The stars are waiting. Come on, let's go meet them. Dancing and shining, they spread their marks on us, letting darkness flee and dreams shine through. A starry night, a sea of serenity and our ship sailing without a breath of wind. Our trust makes it possible.

Look where we are, didn't you think the same? That this promised world didn't exist, but here we are: floating through clouds and dipping our sore hands in starlight. The sun and moon guiding us, there is always light.

Did you know we would come this high? Through a storm so strong that it washes everything away, through a turbulence we thought would break us, too.

But we found each other and became legends of our own being. Struggled, looking for something in the wrong place. Now we are there where universes meet our small world. Already standing in eternity.

The survivors in the storm's eye, where reality is fantasy and myths are truth.

Where we can truly live and breathe free despite chaos ruling over the place surrounding us.

Still there, but in between.

A void made for us, filled with you and me.

© Anna Vuletic 2022-08-31


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