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The end is coming

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So this is supposed to be the end?

Wrecked down to the roots, shattered to the bones? I can't see the person in front of me. Who is that stranger? Empty eyes, clenched teeth, afraid to look at that creature. Do you know where I come from? I forgot. Where does this cold stiffness come from, the haunted look? Don't remember.

Bloodstained feathers are floating to the ground, I'm watching the result of endless battles. Mutilated, I'm freezing to death, I can't feel the pain anymore. My skin is itchy, trembling inside, my feelings going crazy, my face made of stone. Marble is streaked with cracks that formed when the earthquakes shook my world. We can try to contain the damage, but the land will always remember.

Chaos infiltrated innocent territories. It had to happen dose by dose. Don't believe I was blind that I didn't discover a marching army, a growing tension, a war that was supposed to change it all. Tarnishing the purity of the fertile base, losing fundamentals of supply.

The sky is burning, the ground is shaking, a dry and piercing wind blowing through bare trees. Hard to breathe, but I won't let them win, won'tlet them out, that army of chaos that throws itself against my borders. The cage was built for years, heavily battered but stronger than anything I have. Lost the key long ago anyway.

The destruction rebelling against the walls, the wave is getting higher. Did I build it too weakly? Was I mistaken? Gasping for air in that tight air, in that water that enters my lungs. Maybe they will leave like I left myself.

I think I went insane, not knowing what I was thinking, my mind a foreign place. Try to drown myself in denial, can't face it. Want to watch from afar, counting the scars, the cracks till the last punch breaks it.

The end is near.

Too tired to try, slipping, losing ground, falling deep, screaming loudly, giving up. Take it if you want to, just take it away from me. Too broken to fix, crumbled into dust, lost parts, incomplete picture, don't want it anyway. Who does?

Gather, seats are still free, let's fill up the amphitheater and watch the doom.

Come here everyone, leave your bets. What will it be: a broken dream, an unlucky love, toxic humans or vain effort?

Ladies and gentlemen, the end is coming.

The end is coming.

© Anna Vuletic 2022-08-31


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