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The Journey: fight or fear

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A long journey is coming to an end.

Standing in the ashes of who I used to be and looking through the mirror, back to the person I was, what she went through and what is awaiting her. The ground is solid, the sky is blue. The storm moved on, the chaos was tamed. They do come visit me, but I am not afraid anymore.

Dancing when everyone is running away, running to cover. Where are you hiding? Don't you want to get stronger, beat the opponent and set you free? Let me show you how to win, to turn the tables upside down, change the game. Follow me back to the past, when I was standing in the exact spot you are right now. The decision is up to you:

Fight it or accept it. Fear it or learn to control it.

Oh, how much time passed? It feels like I just blinked and I'm suddenly here. I found everything I wanted and everything I needed. The end of the round seemed endless. Now I can see the calm sea, warm sand running through my toes, causing me to giggle. Now tears are running down my face in disbelief and gratitude.

Can I tell you a secret? I never expected to come this far, stumbled, fell and lost track of the stars. One shined the brightest, one led me back on the way to becoming myself.

Can I be honest? Wanted to give up endless times. Run away in the middle of the night to find a place I feel safe, leaving everything behind no matter what. But I kept going.


Oh, because I was hurled around, torn apart. Tossed away and found again. Thrown away to unknown places, places that taught me to be stronger. Wandering around a darkness, naked and lost. On a timeless journey to find my pieces, to find myself. The treasure I longed for the most, but a quest without a map.

On the wild waves of the ocean I made a promise I couldn't break. A promise that leads to destiny, shattering everything else:

That I will survive this turbulence and every storm that tries to stop me. Armies and kingdoms will fall in the attempt to step in my way. Learned from the best, taught by life itself. Became a soldier, became someone I can be proud of.

No matter how much time passes or how overwhelming the fear gets, I hope one day you will control your ship. That one day you will claim your treasure and lead the revolution, the movement of mosaic hearts of shining souls that were left to die. A collection of all the people that found their concept, wearing the crown of rarity and armor of own decisions . Marching towards the mass of the lost and bringing the light.

Can you hear it coming? Can you feel the earth shaking?

We have chaos in our bones and untamable lightnings in our veins. Can you hear our battle song?

Our names will be engraved in history, leading us to a destined future.

It's coming.

© Anna Vuletic 2022-08-31


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