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Upside down

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Upside down, different perspective.

Always felt like my senses doesn't work as they should. Seeing more, feeling deeper, thinking differently. An alien on my own planet exploring what it means to be part of this world.

Don't flip me around, don't turn my feelings, making me the damaged one, so wrong. I love how crazy it looks. Even crazier is that this amazing panorama was here all the time. In front of my nose, so close I couldn't find it. The solution was here. With me.

Silly people worry about little things. Let me help you out. Let me introduce you to my point of view: upside down.

Hey, hang in there, stop. Now do as I say. Trust me, I know it's not easy, but diving in chaos won't make it disappear. On the contrary, this lesson will come, but for the moment we go from here. Take a deep breath, center your energy and make it split.

The colors go bright, fresh air runs down your dusted throat.

Can you see it now?

Lesson one: cleaning the corridors of your memories, giving them a rearrangement. Paint them with a new palette. Black and white? What? NO! Banish them, lock them away. They don't exist. From my perspective, we will focus on reality. Listen, there is no law telling you to look that way. Stop fooling yourself, you did it long enough. Did anything change? The answer is no. The downwards spiral continued anyway.

Do you remember where you came from?

Lesson two: born into light, it is part of human DNA. Nothing biology teaches you, but this is what is needed to level up next. That burning flame, yes, the bright thing you avoided or overlooked the whole time. Open the gates and let it set your heart on fire. Burn the negativity and warm your dreams. We need to wake you up.

Lesson three: everyone follows their own path, so let them talk, throw away what is wrong, recycle the good. Mute their babbling nonsense and add your own voice. Dive into the silence that appears when you allow it to take over, use it to make something beautiful. Something you would like to listen to. You are the protagonist of your own story, not the main character of any other life, and that's good. Why would you be part of the horror genre? Sometimes it is better to be satisfied with what you have given.

More is coming. Let's start here.

Now it's your move.

Will you turn upside down?

© Anna Vuletic 2022-08-31


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