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Thank you, Randi Randolf-Liebnau, neighbour, soulful mover, potato lover. You are such a great inspiration. I am grateful that you live close by and that you share your body wisdom with me. You influenced my thinking about the body and so, inspired me to start writing about my experiences. Thank you for believing in me and giving me strength.

Thank you, Daura Afonso Castro, feminist, movement lover and plant-based eater. I am glad that I found you online. Thank you for teaching me to move like humans and to discuss political matters with me. I consider you a true friend. Let's meet up soon, in Austria, Tenerife, in the Basque Country or somewhere else in the world.

Thank you, Gabriela Skerlj for creating a Bowspring universe. I love to follow your soft voice and move with your colourful leggings. Keep up the amazing work with the nourishing classes and with your really excellent podcast ‘Mi Universo - Del Mat a la Vida’.

Thank you, Lola Moreno for promoting Ergobow and thus helping people to sit healthy. This improved my health during office work and a lot whilst writing these stories.

Thank you, Keren Assouline, who I hardly know. But you mentioned to focus more on my big toes, and this has greatly benefited my ability to walk, run, jump.

Thank you, of course, Desi Springer, for stepping away from standard alignment methods and teaming up with John Friend to invent the Bowspring method. I love this postural alignment and movement practice. It makes so much sense to move in that way and improves my overall well-being. Thank you.

Thank you, Maria Neubauer, best sister I could wish for, for contributing your wonderful photos. Thanks to all other photographers, too.

Thank you, Chaz Gervais and Fiona Louise Gordon, for proofreading these stories.

Thanks to technology for making it possible to take Bowspring classes around the world during a pandemic.

Thank you, Bowspringers and Bowspring-inspired movement practitioners from around the world, for sharing classes, experience and knowledge with me.

© Barbara Neubauer 2022-03-30


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