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Beyond boredom and pig dogs

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Beyond boredom and pig dogs |

My Bowspring stories are all the same. In fact, I even get bored of them myself. Bowspring sounds like some kind of wonder drug that is almost too good to be true. But it really is that basic and simple. Bowspring focuses on the natural curves of the body and on organic movements. It just feels good because it's so natural. I share knowledge, insights, revelations and even real epiphanies, because what has helped me could also help others.

But one thing is certain: Bowspring only helps if you really do it. I know that a lot of people can relate to this because I hear the same stories from friends and family all over and over again. They sit all day doing office work or they even do physical work, but they have no awareness of their body and its needs. Sometimes I need to force myself to go to a movement class, too. It doesn’t always come naturally like in childhood. Back then I was happy to move. It was my natural need. Walking barefoot across blooming meadows, doing somersaults, rolling down a hill. All of this was so much fun. Sitting quietly, on the other hand, wasn't fun at all.

It already began in kindergarten, went on throughout my school and university days and it is now part of my everyday working life. Sadly, most of my life consists of sitting still. And I'm the only person who can really change that. Even though I know that sitting can be poison for the body, I cannot help it. Over the years, I've gotten very lazy. It always takes a lot of effort to get moving. To go to a Bowspring class. Even if I am happy afterwards. It just doesn’t come natural because I am always surrounded by artificially created objects like desks, office chairs, waiting rooms, classrooms, church pews and comfortable sofas.

Everyone gets these inner temptations to be lazy. Everyone has a weaker self. Everyone has to fight the inner couch potato. In German there is also a word for it: it’s called ‘Schweinehund’ which would literally translate to 'pig dog'. This term goes back to the 19th century when dogs were used to hunt wild boar. These dogs were very strong and exhausted the boars. Even today, figuratively speaking, it is very exhausting to defeat the strong ‘pig dog’ that charms you to lie comfortably on the settee instead of doing something actively.

Unfortunately, I am not entirely sure how to re-awaken this natural need to move. Even though I am always happy if I go to a Bowspring class, I have to overcome myself and fight my inner ‘pig dog’. Even though I know all the Bowspring poses, it doesn’t help because the ‘pig dog’ is making me lazy and preventing my body from moving and exercising.

No matter how many stories I write about how Bowspring changed my life and well-being, it remains a bit implausible until I do Bowspring or any other movement practice on my own initiative. I want to move like I did when I was a child. I want to be happy when I move. I want to enjoy the mobility of my body. I want to be pain-free. I want to be my own teacher. So how do I do that on my own? How do I move beyond boredom and ‘pig dogs’?

© Barbara Neubauer 2021-09-08

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