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Up-Scent yourself

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Up-Scent yourself |

Smelling good today?

Did you know that scents speak directly to that part of your brain that connects you with your memories and emotions?

Can´t escape scent. Scents remind us of the good stuff: loved ones, favorite foods, holidays, childhood places, the ocean (They remind us of the yucky stuff as well but we won´t waste any time on that). Scents help us to remember comforting childhood situations or that wonderful vacation in Bali. Scents support us in keeping our spirits up. They help us to stay calm in times of turmoil. Breathing in deeply, especially scents that we really really like, widens the space in our lungs. Aromatherapy is truly powerful stuff.

Now. The cooler the temperature, the more HOME is the place to be. That´s the very location where you create yourself - everyday. It´s where you are the chief commander and where you have total control over your life. So, it better smell good. Right?

It´s so easy to help ourselves create emotions of comfort. Fresh air, of course, is the best.You live in the big city, the garbage truck just passed by and nice smelling fresh air isn´t available at the moment? Don´t panic. Your dog ran out of Chanel Nr. 5? Your teenage kid suffers from an overdose of aftershave or an underdose of soap & deodorant? No need to rush to the doctor's office. You don´t have any incense or natural aromatic oils around? Don´t panic.

The remedy is near. Just a few steps away: For the instant kick of powerful aromatherapy … simply walk into your kitchen. You´ll find everything you need. All natural, inexpensive – and highly effective. Much of it is even disinfectant:

ROSEMARY smells like roasted chicken in your favourite Italian Osteria. The scent of rosemary, fresh or roasted, clears your head. It is stimulating, strengthening, refreshing and uplifting.

CLOVES are strong natural disinfectants. They are anti-inflammatory, and they smell great. If you have pain in your teeth, chew on cloves. They are even natural painkillers. For its long lasting flavor, simply let cloves simmer in a pot of water. The scent will fill your home in an instant, and for hours to last. Or … cook an apple compote! Speaking of it:

CINNAMON for those of you who don´t mind a little Christmas feeling in the midst of September. Or whenever. Cinnamon has anti-inflammatory and disinfectant power. For most of us, it is a soothing, comforting scent that speaks of safety and good times with our families. It goes well with ginger cookies. Cinnamon sticks are a natural sweetener for your fine cup of espresso. Speaking of it:

Last but not least: Make ESPRESSO. Lean back, breathe in deeply. Doesn´t coffee always smell so much better than it actually tastes? Well, perhaps not always. Ahhh, these happy little coffee hormones… they wake us up and clear our head. They may not be disinfectant but who cares.

Why not enjoy all the endorphins that we can possibly get. Loads of endorphins, at any given time. @Home, the place to be: where we create ourselves, everyday anew.

© Beate Brigid Schilcher 2021-09-19


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