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Our protagonist does not have any nieces, because her siblings did not make it either. Due to the temperatures, nephews might not come into being anyway.

Children from other families of loggerhead sea turtles are now campaigning for their homeland in various ways, or making pilgrimages to the place where the talkative arctic terns last saw their relatives want to find the shield sheet left behind. This is well attended and decorated with more and more warnings and calls for environmental protection. Thus, the turtle has become an important part of the ecosystem after all.

One of the juveniles adds an empty tuna can to demonstrate that the absence of this link in the food chain could end all in emptiness.

Through awareness creation and education, the diverse living beings with their individual talents can be sensitized and possibly use their abilities to remedy the ills.

Approaches, movements and measures are in place. Now we have to listen attentively and adapt our own actions to them.

Will the seemingly silent marine population eventually reach humanity?

They exist, the "thumbers" and their thirst for action.

The first whalers switch to whale watching. Protected areas are established, although they must be strictly guarded and protected from poachers.

Some people see themselves as part of the big picture, rethink their consumer behavior and counteract the throwaway society.

For those at the top of the food chain, the struggle for survival is no longer exclusively individual. They are dragging the entire planet into it.

The only question is whether everything will eventually be allowed to end in the maelstrom of an overpowering garbage vortex or in a lush coral reef.

"Sea Shepherd is an international, non-profit organization working to protect marine wildlife. The mission is to end habitat destruction and the slaughter of animals in the world's oceans. The marine ecosystem must be protected and preserved for future generations. The organization was founded in 1977 by Captain Paul Watson and now operates worldwide. Sea Shepherd takes direct action against illegal activities on the high seas. International campaigns against so-called "IUU" (illegal, unregulated and undocumented) fishing, the recovery of abandoned nets and the fight against plastic waste in the sea are part of the work Sea Shepherd does. Sea Shepherd finances itself solely through donations and the sale of merchandise. The support of projects like this one therefore helps immensely to be able to continue the campaigns so successfully. A heartfelt thank you!"

- Sea Shepherd, 2022

Translated from german to englisch from Estelle Laure Noumsi Kamwa, 2022

© Bianca (Philomena) Rosner 2022-10-28


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