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Confrontation |

She’s sitting in her room. Alone. Starring. Not realizing anything. Her breathing gets louder, her body starts shaking. Soft tears are running down her cheeks. She’s a wreck. Finally realizing where she actually is, she pushes the air out of her lungs just to breathe in so hard, it feels like she’s pulling a rope trying to save herself from drowning.

Last week was too much for her. An emotional rollercoaster, but the type where you get really sick.

She stands up, slowly moving to the bathroom. Just before she enters the room, she stops short. She’s not sure if she wants to take a look in the mirror. What will she see? Not able to wait any longer, she pulls all her courage together, exhales and steps in front of the mirror. Dark green eyes capture her gaze. She sees struggle in them.

The image of two boys fighting over her, crosses her mind.

Decisions need to be made.

Loud voices are shouting at her, pushing her, tearing her apart. There’s one voice which gets louder and louder, yelling above all the other sounds and voices around her. Her throat starts hurting, the voice reaching its highest pitch. She loses her voice and suddenly there’s silence.

Looking around, she realizes that it has been her the whole time.

Then she sees the girl in front of her. She looks oddly familiar. She gasps, recognizing the girl with the dark green eyes. It’s herself.

The girl stares at her when she starts crying. Pure horrific fear is screaming from the girl’s eyes. Holding her head between her hands, she sits down on the floor and starts moving forward and backward very slowly. A whimpering sound leaves her lips and earthquake-like sobs shake her body.

Not being able to look at this creature of despair any longer, she stumbles backwards, holding on to the sink as her last anchor. Breathing heavily, she looks up into those dark green eyes.

That wasn’t her, was it?

Even though she doesn’t want it to be true, she still sees the wimpy body before her inner eye. Confronted by herself with her own fear.

Washing her face, she tries to get rid of the image, but it sticks to her. She doesn’t want to confront all her issues right now, so she leaves the bathroom.

When she closes the door, she catches a little glimpse of the huddled creature in the corner, waiting for her to look in the mirror again.

Inspired by Emi Ausin #confrontation

© Chiara Foscht 2022-03-27


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