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Dave at 90

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Dave at 90 |

Long ago in Bedworth town

A wise old man with a serious frown

He'd always share a drink with you

Mr. Mild but stout won't do.

Once, a party better than Labour

drinking to our deceased neighbour

a car is too pedestrian

for the diligent librarian

effort to bring stuff from Tesco

We ate Boursin and drank Malibu al fresco

Jane and Dave, not him, another

plus possibly his brother

Once he missed the pub but soon,

clandestine, came back from honeymoon!

They lived near the aerodrome

Brazil, Germany or Turkey trips then home

Now he only skips the quizzes

under orders from his missus

occasionally he gets in touch

though he doesn’t seem to be doing much

he has read the myriad books on his shelves

told library yobs to behave themselves

He has been a little ill

but nothing saps his iron will

genuinely a people pleaser

Thanks for being the last best geezer

He's only 60 really

© Chris Wright 2021-07-20


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