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LoveLight 2

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one again then another then a third

one,two,three, one,two,three, synchronised

Then everywhere. Starlight flashes

trains of light,in fact, Where were the trains Matty wondered for a moment.

Suddenly a swarm of peppered lightning surrounding them; perhaps the scent of the sugar water then up up up into the night sky to merge with the stars

Only now emerging a brighter light .. an Ever Ready torch and Gina's grin.

“I told you it would be amazing. close your eyes for another surprise”

He obeyed unthinkingly.

“He felt a strong kiss and her arms; eyes open staring into Gina's brown eyes.

Still no train.

"Now you know why I brought you here, I ...

He kissed her back even harder.

“We need to buzz off Gina, Its DR Who tonight and the Metabilis spiders are so scary and fantastic”.

“I love DR Who nearly as much as I love you. Matty”.

They strolled on the railway itself protected by the spirits of Disco, Vesta meals and Cresta pop until they got to the loose posts of the fence and safe.

Then to their homes ignoring the STRIKE notice and the no trespassing on the line sign.

~ ~ ~

"Kids. time to go to sleep. Don’t tell Nan and Granddad I told you how they met.

"Buzz buzz, glow glow . Dad ! We're fireflies !"

"Yes my darlings you definitely are."


CW Nov 2021 These are draft … please feed back .

© Chris Wright 2021-11-22


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