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The Last One Tree

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The Last One Tree |

Remember my primal forest and Eve

Children danced round us, our catkins descended

couples making love under or on every bough

you always needed something to believe

Science fiction warnings have ended

You just read romances now

I spread my canopy a mile wide

Life sheltered from the dwindling glare

late flowers for the butterfly and bee

I reach two miles into sky of grey sulfide

My swirling seeds strewn to the callous air

I must go to make way for HS43

you slew the Thunnor Oak for your new deity

defamed the worshippers on the heath

Now destruction thunders to new ends

In the Museum to be a sliced curiosity

After 300 years death is a relief

You can get away faster to see friends

“That big cake you're standing on

Will endure forever” have sworn

The Economists, and Priests make devotion

name more animals now gone

Then in a wailful choir the small gnats mourn

Your back garden, replaced by ocean.

© Chris Wright 2022-09-19


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