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Dear Mr. President Putin

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Dear Mr. President Putin |

Dear Mr President Putin,

Honestly, I am not very convinced, that you will read my letter, but that’s not the point for me. I feel it my duty to write my thoughts and hopes on virtual paper, and maybe you will understand, what I want to say to you.

What is a human life worth? What means power? What is honour? What is the right thing? When I look at the innocent soldiers and civilians, whose only wish is to stay alive and live in normal circumstances, then I ask myself, what is really important in life. Hundreds of people died because of what? Parcel of land? Those lives are expired lights, that won’t never come back again. Children cry for their parents and parents cry for their children. Is it more important to be the sovereign of a big state, which I have conquered over years or of a small state, in which the people are able to live in peace and without any fear? One day we will all die and then it is so irrelevant, if someone was the ruler of a large country or a homeless person. The only thing, that matters, are your deeds. You can’t justify, that you did this like that, because they asked you for doing so. Your soul only belongs to you. What ultimately counts is love, peace, team spirit, freedom of expression and humanity. Do you want to be a President, to whom everybody looks up or a President who strikes fear?To show mercy is not a sign of weakness but of power and charity. The universe enabled us to populate this small, lovely planet called earth. And what are we doing? Animal species are exterminated, the underwater world is slowly dying out, the climate changes and fossil resources are over-exploited. The most saddest fact is that we kill ourselves for … yes for what? At the end, when there won't be any raw materials, everyone needs food, water, heat, a place to sleep and then it doesn't matter, if you are a President, a rich person or a woman with children. We are all equal! Unfortunately, some of us don't understand, that the most important thing in life is not possession but love and humanity. You decided to challenge the path of destruction, blood and death. Are all the people's deaths meaningless to you? Are they a collateral damage in your eyes? You as the father of two daughters can't you see the despair, the fear, the great sorrow, that you have caused since the war in the Ukraine began. Can't you hear those crying?

I am not in the position to instruct you and that’s not my intention. My concern is to encourage you to think, if a piece of landscape is more worth, than hundreds of humans lives. You destroyed hopes, wishes, plans, and futures. It is never too late to go back. Please enter into a dialogue with yourself and listen to your heart. It says always and ever the truth. Don’t go down in history as the cruel Russian President. You have it in your hand and you can change the present and the future in every moment. Think about the human lives you are able to rescue with one order. Deep inside you know the answer!

This letter is a symbol of peace.

From a woman full of love and hope for the world

© Christina Farthofer 2022-03-09


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