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Stay human!

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Stay human! |

The 2000 Sydney Olympics. An incredible festival of joy. People from 198 different nations were out on the streets, in the stadiums and sports arenas, in the cafes and bars, on the busses and LRT. Unforgettable and magnificent. One of the most impressive things I have ever experienced!

That amazing feeling of everyone forming a whole, being in synch in my body with everyone else. Hearts beating as one. Time stood still, infinity. That is what I felt, with all my senses, at what for me was the far side of the world: we people, all people, all equal.

Each of us is unique and yet bonds with everyone else in the great world community. Precisely this became so utterly clear to me in the midst of all these complete strangers from all over the world, with their different languages and colors...

How we laughed and celebrated together outside, watched the big screens with bated breath, alongside athletes from different countries, danced and hugged people we didn’t know. Made new acquaintances, talked, joked, gesticulated with our hands, waiting patiently in the queue with others to get into the stadiums, the sports halls, the trains. Respecting each other’s space. No one pushed and shoved. There was no hectic feel, no nervousness or annoyance, everyone acted peacefully and leisurely. Everyone was open in their minds. The competitions were organized to perfection. Relaxed and happy despite the huge throng of people – everyone was so enthusiastic.

The Sydney Olympics were a dream to be at. We were all so grateful to be able to be there. Everyone enjoyed hearing the sound of so many different languages, all the different ways of laughing, singing, dancing, or smiling. A wonderful symphony of culture, colors, sounds, and moods. Sharing joy, good fortune and even sadness, when an athlete or country won, just missed out, or lost.

Quite overwhelming the sense of the ebullient energy of human togetherness, a utopia of global brother-

and sisterhood come true. To this day it fills me with happiness, and hope, precisely in such a difficult time. Stay human, act together, and enjoy being together in that game which is life. The Olympic idea is marvelous.

© Dietrich Grönemeyer 2021-08-22


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