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Coffee = love

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Coffee = love |

I never liked coffee.

It's bitter and never the right temperature and makes my breath smell.

I never liked coffee until you made it for me, with milk and sweetener, because you really wanted me to like it. And you made it for me every morning.

Now coffee tastes like love to me.

Even though you're not here anymore.

Sometimes it's so clear to me that the really important things in life are the small ones. You taught me how to say sorry, showed me how to let the sun shine in my face and enjoy it, you always saw the best in me, even when I only saw the worst. You made me like coffee.

Even if we never see each other again, you have already changed my life in so many small ways. No matter who I'll be in ten, twenty or even thirty years - I will still like coffee. I will still wear your fingerprint.

The fingerprint of your love.

© Dorothee 2022-04-03


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