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The wrong person at the wrong time

  • 24

Some people are crying over their right person at the wrong time. Others claim that the right person will make the time right. But you, with your brilliant smile and the tiny raindrops in your hair, you were something completely else. You were as inconvenient as rain in the summer, yet just as refreshing. You were as frustrating as a cloud blocking the sun, yet just as exciting, not knowing if you would ever make space for light again or if your influence on my life would come thundering down on me. You were like inspiration at 3 am, tiring, yet exhilarating, thrilling. I know you would never understand, but your beauty shattered me. I expected you to lift me up at a time at which I was at my lowest and instead you made me lift you up, both of us leaving me lying on the floor, begging for someone to come and save me. What I didn't realize was you could never be that someone, because you, with your exhausting personality and that wicked look in your eyes, were definitely the wrong person at the wrong time.

© iamelisa 2022-05-07


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