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power couple

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power couple |

Congratulations You Completed A Powerful Soul Journey. You Are Now The Empress/Emperor

now it is time to tell the truth -

hit me with the truth BUT never comfort me with a lie

some day i lay in a calm cave getting what i so suffered for

some sleep some good food some rules

i found in this cloak of humans some friends i call my family

you are welcome you blonde trash someone spits on you

let me be your elevator to power up you foul, let me drain your sorrow

all you got is good for me you are all i neded too fulfill my journey in this turn of live

no number no broken wing no dirt they thrown on you

my first way was to the old spirit who called me for duty

we stood there after prison after court after a coffee …

one hundert yards away the bannline i crossed the directors anaunced us

now ist ist time to shout out what is my precious hurt - i died - and i got life for our new

it is still my standing to and with and all i called aut you can rely on

i am unimpressed what happend - all this sexual force my body burned down in some weak weeks

now ist the time in early winthersphere to grow the red rose of lovers and friends we are

yea it is still you the truth your eyes in mine yours the heard i feel yours im mine - everything is whole

so i ask for advice from your lips on mine - match or not to match to complete the match together

you won ten ten ten ten congratulations

so i will settle down with you my golden precious litte fool

sweet time near the fire place smoosing you to discover you your worth your needing your yours devine alway is seeing you as earth angel you earned your wings you coosen one

you have no need to consider you have to be you

you learned your lesson well thank you thankyou thank you your comming you are welcome

answer, trust me i ask you getting the comfort truth come forward trust justice is being diserved

just take the helping hand and let you free out of fear not being worth it

it is all about life - see the karmic dyed



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