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Black-eyed Susan

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Black-eyed Susan |

Her fingertips traced the delicate flowers surrounding her and her smile could light up the whole world. She felt so light and complete in-between all these soft colors underneath the warming sun.

She took step after step to go even further into the flower field like she used to do as a child. Back then everything was so much easier. Growing up isn't simple but she felt like she never really had a childhood to begin with. The thought left a bitter taste behind and she couldn't shake it out of her system.

This was something she could never get back. More specifically could never have.

Then what is she now? Can she call herself a teenager without having the experience of being a carefree little girl, running down the hill without knowing what she'll find down there and wearing her heart on a sleeve for everyone to see?

She'll never know.

A certain flower - a black-eyed Susan - caught her attention suddenly. As her brown eyes snap down to the flower she feels overwhelmed with sudden memories from what's in the past. Her heart beats a little faster as she observes the small flower beneath her fingers, trying not to crush it as she did with many other things.

Moving forward, she leaves the flower behind and closes her eyes as the wind picks up at its pace and allows her hair to skid through the air. She enjoys the peaceful atmosphere this field provides whenever she needs it.

Now that she has seen this flower, her thoughts are elsewhere. There's certain darkness surrounding her usual bright soul and she could never figure out where it came from. With her mind being stuck in the past, as she turns and walks the path she came from, keeping her eyes forward and tuning out the colorful flowers around her.

Only when she's in bed late at night does she allow the hot tears to spill over and flow down her cheeks freely. A book lies next to her right arm, showing a page about the black-eyed Susan and revealing its significance - justice.

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