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Cold |

When you feel bad, you feel it,

The world around, whispering about the awful things in life,

It's like you've touched the blade of a frozen knife,

It'll stay with you, it'll be there when you fall down,

When someone steps on your gown,

It wraps around you, making you suffocate,

Sometimes it helps you notice that it is still not late,

to do

the thing that can help you

get rid of this feeling in your head,

Because of this, you want to stay in bed, saying: "Go away, please!"

Or, it's a fever, making you sneeze,

It's the feeling of dejection,

It makes you sad to see your own reflection,

That's when depression starts,

That's when hope parts,

And where your fun plans stop filling in the charts

of your calendar,

Where your mind says: “Surrender!”

Sometimes you lose to it,

Sometimes, you do not,

No matter what happens, don't freeze on the spot,

It takes a solution to walk away from it,

to calm your mind,

Try to leave your worries behind,

If you manage to, that's really good,

If you do, it'll save your mood,

What if you don't?

Sooner or later, you will,

Even if you'll need to own the skill

© FieryAngel 2022-09-16


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