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Friends |

Who are friends?

Are those people who share pens?

But, can it end?

And on what does it depend?

Is there an instructor around to help?

Looking for answers' like swimming through kelp,

It's a lot of work, indeed, okay,

But when you find one, it makes your day,

For me, a friend is a person who helps you,

admit, that's quite true!

Though you can't force a person to be one of yours,

So he does your homework,

or even your chores,

A friend isn't a servant, a slave or a pet,

A friend isn't someone who in a shop you can get,

That's a person who supports you in your life,

although, sometimes you can get in a strife,

And sometimes it happens that it simply ends,

after all, it's in the word “friENDs”

© FieryAngel 2022-03-26


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