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I want Revenge

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I want Revenge |

My name is Deborah Wilson. I died 2 years ago at the age of 13.

I was killed by the people I saw as close friends and family.

I was raped, beaten and mistreated in general. I will never forget how badly they treated me, never.

After all the misery and pain I went through, at the end of it all, I was pushed down a building plumbing to my death.

“ I can't go, at least not now.”

That is what I said on the verge of death, grasping on to the little life I had left.

I was not going to let it slide. Not after I was brought to worship them, brought to act like a toy .

I swore that somehow, I would make each and every one of them pay for their heinous actions.

It seems like my thoughts were heard by someone. 2 days later, I am alive on the same road I died on.

Makes no sense, right? That was when the light bulb switched on. Indeed, I did not survive, but somehow I am not dead.

I quickly went to find the only people I knew, even if they were bullies.

I asked one of my former bullies, James. To help me catch up on what happened after the murder.

He did not seem to recognize me, he even denied what he did.

I got very frustrated. So I sat down to keep myself calm. James came later on and re-introduced himself.

He acted as if he had just met me for the first time, again.

It seemed like after having a conversation with an individual, he or she would immediately forget me.

I ignored James for trying to flirt with me, after he sexually assaulted me.

He had done all manner of heinous things to me, him and others.

So you are telling me all those times of pain and suffering were in vain. I could take.

I tested this out on others , and it was confirmed. I couldn't let all the pain I went through just slide.

I promise I will take revenge on all those who hurt me.


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