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Question for dads

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And for those who aspire to become one.

You were supposed to teach me about class and being stronger, tougher

instead my class thought me how to successfully suffer.

And did you know when i first learned the color’s, the color i first saw was the blue on the arms of mothers.

I was talented in poetry, arts and music, still you wanted me to become a boxer, but you never knew that boxing couldn’t teach how to fight against ur inner monsters.

Thats why you were so broken.

I was always shook how much my first Ex resembled you, thats why I broke up.

Yet in others your traits gave me comfort, because finally there was someone to hold the cup with the warm, flossy, honey coated milk, i really wished my bed was made out of silk,

but on the other hand, silk was not resistent against wetness.

I see you everyday, with a smile, i know that you changed, you also tried.

But how will ur joy heal the poison from back then. I am tired.

My inner child still freaks out when seeing toys, you always said, these were not made for boys, i nodded. Nowadays you buy stuff that really does not fit into boxes, colourful things, plush and posh

But these toys weren’t for me.

I know now that love, sex and drugs took over the place of that all, but do you know what hurt me the most?

I was supposed to cry to you about a lover but I cried to lovers about you.

By Furkan Pinar

© Furkan Pinar 2022-04-13


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