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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 |

The shadow was facing the screaming Hole with a fighting pose as they heard my crying for help. Their head turned at me so fast my eyes went wide and I pulled my blanket closer. They froze in shock, I believe, and I couldn't look away from it. The screaming became louder and closer, but the shadow still did not look away from me. The ground began to shake and my eyes opened wider than before. Finally, the shadow shook their head again and turned to the obvious danger in the room. My eyes relax a bit. But that screaming did not help with my on goning panic attack, so I just curled up in my blanket and cried silently. The last thing I saw was that the shadow person jumped in the hole and the thing closed before I could do anything. My eyes became very heavy suddenly and I passed out because of exhaustion.An annoying ringing wakes me up. With a grunt, my body sat up and my eyes slowly opened. The dream I had last night was… weird. But I still looked a bit scared at my door. Nothing. No shadow person, no Portal, no screaming, nothing. With a relieved sigh, I stood up from my bed and stretched myself. In a good mood, I changed into my binder and put some pants on. They had holes in both knees and were black. I put on an old Vintige Blause I found in a shop years ago, and on top of that I wore a bage sweater vest. Since it is a Sunday today, I didn't need to go to school so I just jumped back, in my bed and watched Youtube while I played on my Nintendo.After a few hours, my Mom knocked on my door.“Emeli, dear, could you help with the dishwasher?”With a faked smile, I said:" Sure one minute." She closed the door and i could hear her go away from my room. I rolled my eyes and stopped the video I started.After I did the dishwasher, I came back into my room. It felt empty, which is very unnatural. Usually, I can feel energy here. Maybe my dream was real…?“Naahhhh” I said to myself. “Why would that be real? I was just playing Tricks with me.” With that new confidence, that all that happened was just a dream, I went to my desk, which was on the other side of the room. My back turned to the door and I put on my Bluetooth Headset with music and I began to draw.After 30 minutes of drawing and listening to music, I became bored, so I stopped the music and started YouTube again. It suddenly became cooler in the room, and I thought about getting back into bed and watching there as I felt the energy again. I felt safe again in my room.I turned to the door and surely the shadow stood there like the first time I had seen them.“So you are not dead, good to know” they didn't react to my attempt to build a conversion. Probably a good idea. I just shrug and turn back around. I grabbed my tablet, where I watched my videos all day, and went to my bed. I turned on the lights in the room and turned on my sleeping light. Dont judge me. The shadow still did not move an inch.“You want to watch too?” I asked, looking at them. No reaction. Again I shrugged and put on a random video. My back turned to the shadow. I could not see that they were watching over my shoulder with me.

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